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Golden Image Hand Scanner:

I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was expensive. I got a call from my high school math teacher to help a "friend of his" move some stuff out of her mother's apartment (this was in the summer of 1993), so I jumped at the chance to earn some extra cash. I brought a friend along. We worked for a few hours wrapping china and stuff and she paid us both an enormous amount of money for the work that we did.

The scanner could scan in monochrome or "64 shades of grey" (I can remember the catalog I ordered it from stating this). I had an A600 at the time, 2MB of ram and no hard drive. It really sucked. Move too fast, you would need to start over. And you needed to be rock steady the whole time or the scanned picture would suck. And the software with it was no good. The whole paralell port interface was clunky and the scanner would never stay attached to it.

I remember going to college the next year and they had Macintoshes with nice flatbed scanners and photoshop and I couldn't beleive the difference (this was photoshop 3.something, you could export your pictures in "amiga HAM" format).

But I had fun with it.

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