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Working AmigaOne demonstrated

Today Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) demonstrated a working AmigaOne at the alt-WOA show in
Huddersfield (UK).


- four PCI slots
- serial, parallel, USB, 2x IDE, Ethernet, Soundblaster128 on-board
- AGP2
- 133 MHz RAM interface

There will be a low-end version available with soldered CPU (G3/600 Mhz) for UKP 350
and a slightly more expensive version with socketed CPU.

Production will start in six weeks.

Now the part that may be interesting for the retro-bunch that is said to visit this board
from time to time:

The connector that accepts a A1200 motherboard (for backwards compatability) is no longer
a part of the motherboard, it will be shipped as an optional PCI card, which can be
purchased seperately and connects to the 1200 via a ribbon cable!

Ever wished that there would be a AGA PCI card for your PC ? Well, that's as close as you
will get!

Edit: Awful typo alert!!!: Of course, production will not start
in six *months*, but in six *weeks*

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