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Leander said extra memory detected and used, and showed a animation of a chip rotating, this was on my unexpanded A500+ so I guess it wanted 512k.

I do recall some features of Worms only working if you had 1.5Mb of ram and then more levels or something working if you had 2Mb of ram, it was in the back of manual.

Skidmarks could use 2Mb to get extra cars on track or something?
Which was funny as I think it was 4 cars with 1Mb ram and 8 cars with 2Mb, but if you tried it with 1.5Mb ram you got 6 cars and it crashed!

I had ALOT of games that would never work with external floppy drives ALWAYS DF0: only, and these were usually games on 3 or 4 disks!

I can remember a few PC games telling me to "buy a 486!" if I set screen sizes too low on my err Pentium 200, mostly Doom Clones and the like.

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