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Certainly not, as a frontend is what you'll need for that (MAME32 is MAME+built-in frontend is I already said). You can use any frontend that you wish, it's just Gamebase Amiga is already done, if you want to use another one, you'll have to do the configurations yourself, no one stops you from doing that. The diskchange has nothing to do with the frontend. No program can insert the required disks automagically if there are more than the supported drives. Also you don't need to use the interface for diskchanging, there are shortcuts for this. If you want to get rid of diskchanges completely use WHDLoad (which is supported by Gamebase Amiga). And it's certainly not based on Deliplayer, you can use any player that support mods+lha files, it's just there aren't that many That problem exists for any frontend that you use.
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