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Originally Posted by thor View Post
I doubt you'll ever find an Amiga emulator with a list of games built-in. There are too many and too many variations. The closest you'll get is a frontend like Gamebase (MAME32 is MAME+built-in frontend). Of course MESS emulation isn't as good as WinUAE, but since it's based on MAME, MAME isn't much better and the improvements in MAME will be probably incorporated into MESS sometime afterwards. So since adding Amiga games to MAME is pointless, you could use a frontend with MESS, but we have WinUAE, so using something like MAME/MESS for regular Amiga emulation at least on Windows isn't a good idea in my opinion.
Not all amiga games but only the most rappresentative of the amiga history. WinUAE is a perfect amiga emulator, probably without Toni today will still lack the aga emulation and other hardware stuff (so all amiga comunity have a debit with Toni [not to forgot Brian, Bern and Mathias]).
Anyway, we have to configure all the games every time a major release come out (I have more then 100 most rappresentative games configured); the configuration is still not so user friendly because the inside nature of amiga games, offten split over two or more disks.
Because the hardware, games have very strange resolution, most 320x256 but a lot have esotic resolution (overscan and others).
Because WinUAE is generic Amiga emulation (even for serious programs) in my opinion will be a good idea to have all these games hardcoded-preconfigured (exactly like the rom in mame), in a different program, so the user have only to double click to see the games correctly in full screen (without be crazy with the thouzand option of winuae).
* THIS IS NOT A CRITIC VERSUS WINUAE * I love this program and I am VERY pleasing to Toni
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