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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
Yes, I find it shocking that Twistin' shops at Walmart, a company which leaves a trail of destruction behind it in every town, putting smaller shops out of business, paying minimum wage to its employees and treating customers as thieves before they've even entered the shops!

I certainly have witnessed this first hand. When they moved a Wal-Mart into my town, it left a swath of destruction. They drug that large building across farmland, had to level homes, and kicked a few puppies as the building scraped down the county road. The mayor asked, "What is to be done with this trail of destruction? We now have homes to rebuild, roads to reconstruct, and puppies to unkick. Oh, and the fields have been ruined so we will starve to death."

But no one really cared, because we had a Wal-Mart. No one noticed when the Wal-Mart goons showed up on our city streets who ran shakedown rackets against the small business owners. Now all the other shops are either boarded up, or have turned into porn shops or soup kitchens. I miss Mr. Wilson who ran the corner carpet remnant shop. He had a gumball machine out front and played "Greasy the Clown" in the parades we used to have here (Until Wal-Mart drug their big ol' building down the main street and ruined it).

But we have Wal-Mart. They pay us minimum wage and pat us down as we enter and leave the building. If you ever visit my small town and want to find the local Wal-Mart, look for the trail of destruction. At the end of it, prices are falling every day. Just think of it as a terrible, trenchlike rainbow.

/end hyperbole

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