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@ Zetr0:

Thank you very much for your kind words and your offer

@ Dizzy:

You will be able to walk around (He,he ), pick up items and use them.
And of course you can talk to other NPCs (multiple choice)!

@ killergorilla:

Well, thats simple. I cant do it. And I dont want to "program" a little, bad looking AMOS game again. (Im such a baaaaad programmer)
I always wanted massive FMV games on the Amiga but they never arrived.
So, Ill try it now! And Im sure this is what I can do!

I chose 250 x 200 due to speed and disk space reasons.
A 320 x 256 screen is used by the way.

But Ill check out full screen animations now.
I also try to use HAM8 instead of 256 colours.

As Zetr0 already mentioned a hires version would be nice...well see.
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