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I dont know about all that 2D awesome-ness.. personally I loved the old school FMV games, admitedly there are some that are turkeys, but a few (that got a bad rap) were pretty good stories, especially the ones with different paths.

To e honnest i feel the FMV was under-used! there were plenty of options to use it on the amiga, especially in 2d - games as a back ground etc...

I would like to see a hires or even RTG FMV version, but i will wait untill is see what the low-res looks like... if done right it could add atmosphere and intruege as not everything is as clear as it could be . I would love ot be involved with a goth-vampire-esq or zombie type FMV game, that would be awesome!

I think the worst thing to come out of the CD generation was AOL disks...
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