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Unfortunately no they were un copy-protected disks

I was disappointed in that, the fact that the popular formats were supported by the install routines is good however. This wasn't included in the report, sorry about that.

So for supporting DOS HD formats on both the 3.5" and 5.25" floppys, the install routines get these right off the bat. The 1.44MB and the 1.2MB will be loaded automatically unless you decide to not install the mountlists for this. It's the DD formats that let you down. I realize that the 720K disks are supported via CrossDOS so it's not to bad there, but figuring out the info on the less popular formats, now that's a pain sometimes

BTW Twistin' since I was not able to actually find a d64 FAQ like with the ADF file format, I just tried out the images I created and low and behold they worked. So my guess is that with the Catweasel and Tracksaver you can just about get any disk format you want.

EDIT: what happened when I tried to image some Rapidlok titles, i.e., Gunship, Pirates, Deceptor and Desert Fox to name a few, Tracksaver would give the old 1541 DOS error message for this custom disk format, error 21, no sync mark found I believe. It's interesting that the controller would return the old error codes like this. But since there is an actual handler for the 1541 format, this kinda makes sense in a way.
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