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Der dritte Flakon / The third flask - New FMV Amiga game

Hey ho!

Last month I told you about this project:

I decided to stop it due to copyright reasons and thought about something new.

And here it is:

"The third flask" or "Der dritte Flakon" in German.
It is going to be a FMV mystery adventure / detective story on three CDs.
(68030/040/060 and 32MB RAM)
I already "recruited" two actresses.

Just have a look at this demo:

[ Show youtube player ]

It´s just a test video from my A4000 (sorry for the bad quality).
(A short introduction and the main menu including musics)

I still use 250 x 200 (256 colours) for the FMV sequences and 640 x 512 for the menu screens.

Well, the story is top secret at the moment.

More details coming soon.


Okay, here you can see a first person level of TTF.

Please excuse the delays but all scenes are preloaded at the moment.
There are several gfx errors and audio playback bugs, too.

Only the paths are implemented yet. No puzzles so far.
For example, you´ll need a key to unlock the old mine´s door or you have to solve an electronic wires puzzle (orange box)!

The video quality is good, even on a SVGA monitor.

But I think I´ll need more CDs. One disc per level, I reckon.
So 7 CDs should be enough.

[ Show youtube player ]


[ Show youtube player ]

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