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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
This has only one way of going which is a flamewar. I'll bow out now because I think you've lost credibility through just being plain angry, but you've done a good job making a fool of yourself.

Bye for now
I just had a little chat with you on XChat PJ, and although we got along quite well and we had a civil discussion, your comments prior to Mr_A500 going off his nut were pretty much borderline "I dont want to say what i really think, but i will word it in a way that almost comes across nice, but doesnt exactly, and then blame him for his anger, because hey hell its not me who got off on the wrong foot " cocky.

Word things a little better, because at the end of the day you "know" you can discuss "better".

And i "do" get Mr_A500's point, since all he is trying to say is that the Amiga did things that he considers crucially better, and i for one after using multiple OS's am inclined to agree with. Im not saying that the Amiga can do everything Linux and Windows can ( due to all you have said ) but that still doesnt escape the fact that it was still a fine OS that was to me as well as Mr_A500 superior in so many other ways, but thats not saying its "now" the best, because NO operating system is THE Best, its just matter of how much shit you have to put up with, with has nothing to do with hardware and software support at the core of it.

Yes there is no software support for OS4, yes there is no hardware support, yes there are no games and all this places it in the shit, we all agree on that, but thats not his point, so the sooner we get around that the better.


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