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If it is your intent to appear ignorant and thoroughly piss me off, you've succeeded. You do not understand the point of my posts, then say mindbogglingly stupid things like, "If you learnt to use Windows in the same detail you learnt to use AmigaOS you wouldn't have a problem. If you're not technically adept that's not the OSes fault." Where the fuck do you get that I'm not technically adept?? I am a professional ERP consultant/programmer/systems engineer. I have over 20,000 hours (probably much more) of work experience with the crap known as Windows. I started programming when you were still shitting your diapers. I started using Windows when you were learning the alphabet.

Yes, but after posting your list of mostly useless things that the Amiga does well and going on about how your OS is so good, you forgot to mention that there's nothing you can do that we can't on Windows/Linux/OSX and there are literally hundreds of things we can do that you can't with our supposed 'inferior OS'.
Well, duh. I never said there aren't hundreds of things a modern OS can do that Amiga can't. There are probably thousands of things. Did you read my explanation at the top of what you call my "list of mostly useless things"? I clearly state that it's a "list of design/philosophy advantages" (meaning the way it operates, not what it canrun) and that I wish other OSes could also have. I want OSX to have some of the things Amiga had. This is not zealotry. I'm not talking hardware! I don't want Macs to have the Amiga OCS chipset. I want the Mac OS (and Windows) to incorporate some features Amiga Workbench had.

Oh, and by the way, stuff is standard procedure because that's the best way to do it.
No it's not. It is standard procedure because it has been done that way since the beginning and then they keep it that way. Take the Windows procedure of "F1" for Help. Why is it like this? Because Lotus 1-2-3 first used F1 for Help, then Microsoft decided to also use F1 for Help because users were used to using F1. Then it became standard procedure. Is F1 for Help the "best way to do it"? Hell no. A dedicated "Help" key is, but there will never be a Help key on PCs because it's too late. It's standard procedure to use F1. (This is just one simple example I could think of at the moment. Don't start calling me a "Help key zealot".)

Oh, and don't pull the virus/spyware argument either.
Nowhere in my list do I mention viruses. Spyware is listed way at the bottom of the list under "Other misc. advantages".

Hence the argument can only ever be OS + hardware.
No, we are talking about OS advantages, not complete computer systems. We are not comparing what an Amiga can do vs. what a Mac/Windows/Linux computer can do. We are talking about the way it does them. It's about OS features, not what it can run. Get it?
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