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Thing is it isn't just 3D which gets on my jugs OH NO..

why do games have to be so erm... whats the word realistic, i'm refering to physics etc.. ok we do need some serious games (when I say real I don't mean a fps like quake with photon guns etc..) but is there something wrong with a driving game having cars that can say.. jump (a'la mario kart) why does it all have to be so accurate and serious?

The gaming industry is so linear, it seems to have a set path which evry man and his dog is following, nobody is reluctant to break that trend.

Gamers in general are so narrow minded and just want the same, same, same, yet they are the same people who moan because there are no original games, and still these are the same people who will rush out and buy an XBox and a copy of Halo (which is an un-original fps!)

Halo might look good and play brilliantly, but we've seen it all before, I give full credit to Nintendo for trying new genres etc.. Louigi's Mansion looks quite good and seems original in execution and as for that other game Pikmin what a gamble (even tho it's 3D) my hat goes of to Nintendo.
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