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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
Please differensiate between the OS and the Hardware.... evne he worlds best OS won't run without anykind of hardware. AmigaOS3.9 is, IMO, just as good as OSX and WinXP.
There's no denying that AmigaOS3.9 is a good OS. However there is not a single reason to use it when almost all the alternatives are cheaper, run on cheaper equivalent hardware and can do significantly more.

Why differentiate between the OS and hardware? The four or five major players run on the most popular and cheapest hardware in the world. AmigaOS is confined to expensive hobbyist hardware. Who cares if it's not the most efficient hardware in the world? It's still 3 or 4 times what you can buy for the same money in 'Amiga World'.

If you use AmigaOS, you pay ridiculous money for the hardware, then for the OS and even then you can't do as much as an x86 + OS box can.

At the end of the day, you're changing the argument to suit you. AmigaOS runs only on overly expensive hardware and you can't change that fact.

Hence the argument can only ever be OS + hardware.

Oh, and plus software too. And OS is made by it's software. Even if an OS is awesome, with a small footprint and technical amazing, without the software it is NOTHING.

You can argue that an OS is better till you're blue in the face, but an OS on it's own is pretty useless.

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