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Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
Yes, it's surprising (and sad, actually) that the old Amiga Workbench still has many advantages over other "modern" operating systems. See my list of Amiga Advantages (... and I need to update the list because I've found many more). Even the supposedly glorious OSX has some annoying "features" and limitations compared to Amiga.

The most tragic thing of all is that operating systems will probably get worse, not better. Many of the things I wish they'd change will never change because that's they way they've done them for years and the method has now become "standard procedure". They just build more and more features which operate in the same annoying way.
Yes, but after posting your list of mostly useless things that the Amiga does well and going on about how your OS is so good, you forgot to mention that there's nothing you can do that we can't on Windows/Linux/OSX and there are literally hundreds of things we can do that you can't with our supposed 'inferior OS'. Oh, and by the way, stuff is standard procedure because that's the best way to do it.

Zealotry won't change that fact.

Originally Posted by mr_a500
It's like hot-rodding an ugly, crap car. It doesn't matter how many body mouldings, fins, layers of paint or fuzzy dice they add, it's still an ugly piece of shit.
I'm sorry? I forgot for a second which one of us was using dead and obsolete hardware and software. I'm fairly sure it's you.

I think it is pretty cool that people still use their Amiga machines to do stuff and I can see the 'magic'. But don't pretend for a second it's better than even buying a Dell shitbox and stuffing Linux on it. That Dell shitbox is still light years ahead of your Amiga, and you're just kidding yourself by thinking otherwise.

Oh, and don't pull the virus/spyware argument either. If you learnt to use Windows in the same detail you learnt to use AmigaOS you wouldn't have a problem. If you're not technically adept that's not the OSes fault.

Even the supposedly glorious OSX has some annoying "features" and limitations compared to Amiga.
Glasshouses + stones = bad. I don't like OS X, but while it may have some faults, it is, once again, capable of doing things you could only dream of on your OS.

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