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Bippym, thanks for saying what goes through my mind everyday (forcing me to consume all too much Tums...) - you would think after almost a decade of these types of games, the PC crowd would have had enough, but the cockroaches even survive nuclear winter. (sigh)

As for that wretched looking Akimbo screenshot...who are they kidding? No Amiga user would feel one-upped by that thing, which pales beside the kind of stuff we were raised on more than a decade ago. I've seen other screenshots from that game than those four...seen better, seen worse. Not my style because it looks like someone used PS' Unsharp Mask on the backgrounds.

I guess the next big PC event will be when they make 3D Tic-Tac-Toe/Noughts & Crosses. With cosmic, blurry backgrounds mapped on polygonal spheres, realtime-rendered pound(#) grid, etc.
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