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Well, since I've now got my 4000 towered I've decided to go back into the Catweasel testing.

I've used an older Teac 3.5" and a Teac 5.25" floppys. They are both from an old 386 box which I recycled already, I just kept the stuff that I could use, like the floppy drives.

Well it does work with many different formats, although you do have to create your own mountlists for each disk format the Catweasel supports, which is about 25 for now.

Since creating a mountlist is basically just using the Ed text editor or your favorite editor of choice, then just use one of the existing mountlists as a template. But the caveat is that you have to know the format ahead of time, meaning that if it's say a low density, double sided, 5.25" MS-DOS formatted disk, then you have to know that it can hold 11 sectors per track, 2 tracks per cylinder and only 40 cylinders instead of 80!

There are also flags that have to be set in the mountlist as well and this could pose a problem for somebody if they don't know the exact disk format and need to read the disk. It would have been nice if the manufacturer had included this info in there manual or on disk even. They give some sparse info on what needs to be in there and the flag numbers for each disk format, just not the actual disk format info. Perhaps only the flag is needed and the controller does the rest?!? I'll try that out and see.

I also found that the 5.25" floppy is either bad or the heads need to be cleaned. I can no longer read any disks off of the drive. I was able to use Tracksaver GUI to create a number of disk images for use with C64 emu's and at least Magic 64 seems to work with them Since this info is something that Twistin' wanted to know, then yes it really seems to work. I now have to replace this drive and check out some more disks. Luckily I have some more of these drives as they are getting harder to find.

Well back to the machine and I'll post more info later.
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