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Originally Posted by Travis View Post

It's a fairly simple equation. In America, they make things. Here, we import things, first into the EU (nice taxes) then into Britain (more nice taxes).

Even the stuff America does import is bought in such bulk the prices are inevitably lower than what we pay.

It has nothing to do with us laying back and accepting things, it's a fabulous concept called economics. If you would like to learn more, further reading is available at your local library.

Apologies to all for taking the subject off-topic, but when I notice a Daily Mail reader I just have to point and laugh
Hi evil English person, I am a New Yorker, and i see a lot of you bastards in my city. Then again, I see a lot of bastards from all over the world

Anyway, darling, I take it the Daily Mail is the garbage/lowbrow paper, much like the New York Post?
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