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Drake, they are probably drawn with Corel Painter but I'm not %100 sure.

Many new games have pre-rendered 3d graphics which is technically 2d. Baldur's Gate is a good example. Characters are modelled with crappy 3d Studio Max and then exported as 256 color animations which are not superior than animated gifs. Recently they added OpenGL rendering to the engine but it's only for fog of war and some light effects, and only slows the game down. But it's 3d, so it's trendy.

Another example is Heroes of Might of Magic III. Graphics are totally 2d and are perfectly appropriate for the game but people often criticise the game for having outdated graphics. I think HOMM3 looks better than many 3d games.

Most 3d games have no reason to be done in 3d. For example Tetris Worlds, a new tetris game. It's in 3d but what you see is actually a totally flat tetris game!

We favor 2d against 3d but it's not the common demand, Maybe Tetris Worlds would not sell if it wasn't made in 3d. I don't think 2d will come back the way it was ten years ago but developers will soon realize how to make good use of 2d and 3d together.
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