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USB to digital joystick adapters are available at eBay ...

They are more expensive than a few years ago, but they got a build in auto fire feature now. Useful if u use joysticks without auto fire.

But u must ask the seller if he can send it to foreign countries too.

These adapters are plug'n'play (tested with WinXP) and will add a 2 button 2 axis joystick to ur hardware configuration. But for 2 joysticks u need 2 adapters!

I did use the older versions with Competition Pro and Quickjoy SV124 and SV126 (Jetfighter) joysticks and it always worked pretty well.

Ciao, Rick ...

btw ... never use a commercial USB to LPT adapter for anything else than a printer! There is a 99.9% chance it will not work. Eprommers for instance will never work with these adapters.
But Henrik Haftmann had a project with a much more promising parallel port adapter.
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