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Originally Posted by OddbOd View Post
And there's the rub, these adapters are not 100% compatible, I know for a fact that they fail when connected to some license dongles (meaning they don't work not that they blow up )
Yeah, it's a tricky one, but might be worth a punt for the original poster. It's not a huge amount of money and there is a chance it'll work. It's often just as much the shitty software as the shitty hardware

It might work but a far easier way to go (for about the same money) would be to buy a cheap PCI parallel card and the parallel to joystick lead OR alternatively keep bugging Zetr0 until he builds you a USB to joystick box (j/k )
Yeah, but this doesn't work for laptop users who are least likely to have a parallel port-- Would be nice if someone could confirm whether this works with the USB -> Parallel jobby so we know for sure
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