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3D or not 3D that is the question?

Why is EVERY game that is being released, and that has been released for the past year or 2 HAVE to be in 3D?

Why can't we have decent 2D platformers, or shoot 'em ups with maybe some basic 3D elements.

3D is obviously needed for some games, like driving where you need the tracks, cars and physics to work properly (Lotus style 2D isn't the same!)

I was playing Sonic the other day and enjoyed it so much, I have also been playing Gods (Amiga) and Blood Money (One hard game).

Also why do PC's not get platformers etc, just simulations and god damn fps games. If you have seen 1 you've basically seen 'em all, i mean how different is Quake 2 to Half Life really? same basic game design etc, don't get me wrong they are good enjoyable games, but when will someone break the mould and do something different that doesn't involve walking around a 3D environment killing everything!

Anyway I'll throw this to you dogs, I have got it off my chest now, and finally I can breathe a little better
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