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Zetr0 wrote:

realistically we are attempting to pindown all possible creation and imagination in one area for a computer to handle... personally i dont think its possible... you might get a fleeting aproximation at best but true hard-core PPD experience i seriously doubt!.
I agree, computers use pre-scripted scenarios and for that reason cannot compete with human GMs. I was just expressing that, as far as approximations go, Fallout comes closest to simulating the hardcore pen-n-paper game. Arcanum is a strange mix of, well, everything! but it succeeds overall. Until indies start dominating, these two RPGs will never be exceeded in nuance, IMO.

The other games are essentially parodies of pen-n-paper, since they shatter my suspension of disbelief in one way or another.

I see computers more so can provide TOOLS from asiting with environments for battles and perhaps heloing with complicated rolls but keeping the ROLE out of it.... I used to use my miggy as a role-play assistent, had sounds to play on a keypress with a companion dark sounding audio CD in the back ground when it was my turn to GM... atmosphere is everything!

I would use my miggy to build character sheets and write scenarios / plots etc... but this is really where for me... the computer reaches it apitimy for use die-hard ROLE-PLAYERS!
Same here. As DM, I used my Amiga to draw up maps and to write up plots, character backgrounds etc. for my campaign. Yeah, it was a great aid to roleplaying! Our _old_ DM never allowed visual aids (like miniatures) or any music/sound effects..and being a mathematician, he never needed a computer. Rocksolid gaming sessions...

marco pedrana wrote:

thank you for remind me Temple of Elemental Evil; having not played it on pen and paper before, i have to admit that that game was the single best role game experience i had in the last 10 years probably.
I liked that combat was not realtime, but turnbased like pen-n-paper. But I was really amped up for it, so it was a major letdown.

the horribly maimed Pool of Radiance (the PC 2000' game)
You mean "Ruins of Myth Drannor"? Oh, dear... that game was sooo dead to me. I wish you didn't mention it...

speaking of plot and chooices also The Bard's Tale (dubbed by Cary Elwes) was quite good, just not exactly an rpg...
If you want great plot, try "Planescape: Torment". Combat is shallow, but characters/storyline = deeeeeep. I played this game for 15 hours non-stop... people who say their jRPGs have great stories, generally have not played this.
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