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Oneshotdead: thank you for remind me Temple of Elemental Evil; having not played it on pen and paper before, i have to admit that that game was the single best role game experience i had in the last 10 years probably.

it had many shortcomings: experience advancing system, all was very maybe a little too much fixed with too few interesting random encounters and the end comes too fast, the Elemental Nodes are not really interesting... but the start of the game, the plot (the rendition on pc of the original plot) and the scripted combats were great!
i remember still the first time i encountered the giant frogs that leaped out of a quiet stream when i was approaching the moathouse! and the character animations when grappled! too cool that only...

that game, even flawed, is what it could have been the horribly maimed Pool of Radiance (the PC 2000' game)

speaking of plot and chooices also The Bard's Tale (dubbed by Cary Elwes) was quite good, just not exactly an rpg...
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