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realistically we are attempting to pindown all possible creation and imagination in one area for a computer to handle... personally i dont think its possible... you might get a fleeting aproximation at best but true hard-core PPD experience i seriously doubt!.

I see computers more so can provide TOOLS from asiting with environments for battles and perhaps heloing with complicated rolls but keeping the ROLE out of it.... I used to use my miggy as a role-play assistent, had sounds to play on a keypress with a companion dark sounding audio CD in the back ground when it was my turn to GM... atmosphere is everything!

I would use my miggy to build character sheets and write scenarios / plots etc... but this is really where for me... the computer reaches it apitimy for use die-hard ROLE-PLAYERS!

VtM:Bloodlined was an ABSOLUTE bag of SHITE and should never EVER of been relased.... absolute bollocks in my mind...

just an idea...
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