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Taking this a little side step a moment. I used to paper-play Vampire the Masquerade (VtM) and then I found on the PC (quite an old game now) VtM: Redemtion... its not to bad an interface... very true the PPD system. the campaign was a little sided to only go one way but the REAL thing that interested me was the Very VERY Powerfull Campaign Creator...

The Campaign Creator allowed allowed for upto 8 players... and you can have the GM setup and actualy ACT as an NPC during any time of the game even create your own sound dialouge for them and have players down-load them... its quite powerfull... it can limmit player abilities at certain times as the GM wished.... Infact i was more impressed with the creator than i was with the original campaign..

the only short fall was the fact there was NO map editor, not that it was an over all problem there were so many maps, items and artifacts from medevil times to present day... from swords to shotguns to choose from it was quite impressive, but that was missing a personall touch me thinks.

There was a bit of a cult following of the game in the end and some group ended up releasing a map and item editor for the game... if i remember correctly it as pretty good!

if you guys love the ROLE in ROLE playing then VtM: The Masqurade i felt was a damn good one, i would hazzard to say that its the best system I have seen translated on a PC atleast.... (not the campaign though... thats limmited)
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