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Big grin Woo-hoo!!! Finally an new update on the site!

Thanks VERY much, Mr Dig, for adding some more (obscure?) coverdisks to your page, and also for the new inclusion of disk/magazine scans. If only it was possible to scan EVERY page of these magazines, we'd be able to possibly recreate the original mags...

I'd also like to thank Akira for still having the "The One Amiga" Jan 94 (I've been looking for that disk!) and Dec 94 (I remember having these, don't know if I still have them today though) disks!! And for having another The One disk that I didn't know about (Apr 92)!!
If memory strikes me though, Akira, I swear that the Base Jumpers demo is actually on Disk B (with Holiday Lemmings 94) of the Jan 95 issue! Do you have a completely different copy to mine?

Now, though I'd ask you this, Mr Dig. Have you been given the following coverdisks yet?

The One
Jan 94
Disk A - Mr Nutz, Clockwiser, Ouch!, Tanx 'n' Stuff
Disk B - Puggsy, Xmas Time
Disk C - Banshee, Waggle-O-Mania II, Smidge

I remember having that issue and the disks, but I'll have to check to see if I've still got those disks...

CU Amiga
Sorry, don't know what the dates on these disks were, it doesn't mention a date on the labels
Disk 18 - Demo-Maker, Moonstone, Superecho, Time Set
Disk 19 - Lotus II, some special printer driver, Trippen, Power Pong, plus some docs, a picture-of-the-month & a tune-of-the-month
Disk 21 - Cubulus, DLock, plus an anti-disk device & a picture-of-the-month

(I actually have these CU Amiga disks on real disk format (what's more, I only just received these disks a few weeks ago after I bought some disks from a car boot sale. I luuurrvvee car boot sales, me ) but I don't have a null-modem cable or any software/hardware stuff to turn my disks into ADFs, sorry )

I also remember having another CU Amiga disk containing playable demos of Lotus III and Silly Putty (I'll check to see if I still have it). Do you have this disk?

Also, from that car boot sale, I have a coverdisk from some unknown magazine (no proper label, it was a hand-written one mentioning only the demos) which features two playable demos: Blood Money & Prehistorik.

About Amiga Power 64: I have this disk, but, as you may have read already, I am unable to transfer it as of this time. The disk can actually be found at some obscure FTP containing *almost* all the Amiga Power disks (click here), but when I tried to copy the game to a hard-disk (the Amiga way, of course), the (emulated Amiga) system reported detecting some checksum error in the executable (I could still copy it using ADF Opus and/or ADF Explorer in Windows though, so that's not a problem). Now I'm not sure if this checksum thingy was on the original disk (it didn't prevent the game from running though), I jsut thought that maybe you should be given a disk that had *no* errors of any kind whatsoever, that's all.

Another question: does anyone remember the magazine Amiga Mania? This one was rather obscure, even in the UK where I bought it from. Its coverdisks were mostly full games (I don't remember seeing any commercial demos on their disks at any point), featuring the likes of Brainball (from the first issue), Dungeons Of Avalon 1 & 2 (seperate from each other of course), Crazy Sue 2, Ramses, plus some other game I remember which, oh no!, I've completely forgotten the title of. I don't have a detailed enough description of this game for you to help me out here, but all I remember of it is that it looked futuristic, and you could choose to play the premade levels or make your own, and it had really cool music (a bit of it I still remember) and before each level started you got some green fireworks and a small message at the bottom giving you some short details about the level and then telling you to press fire to start or something. But that's all I remember of it, sorry.

Also, does anyone remember an Amiga/PC/ST magazine called Public Domain? It always had a mixed-format disk that you could run through your Amiga or PC or Atari ST, and there was different content for each computer on the disks. I have at least one working Public Domain disk (from the car boot sale), although it's a different one to the disk I had a dozen years ago.

Three more questions for Mr Dig:

1. How come I am apparently "forbidden" from entering the The One September 1991 page and from downloading the AP63 disk?
2. You know those pages where you said about a disk "Unavailable, blah, blah, blah, please send it to"? Well, have you received any of those disks that you previously asked us to send now?
3. Why don't any of the coverdisks have a .NFO file and a file_id.diz file in the zip anymore like a lot of the Amiga Power coverdisk zips featured?

I may have some more obscure coverdisks as well, I will check them for you as soon as possible.

Once again, congrats very much, for such a great and hugely interesting mixed-content update package for us this week.
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