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Yeah, so the gamers' expectations extend/expand but the industry suffers from retardation. Anyway, this was addressed in another thread...

As good as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder were for their time, a present playthrough of them would knock my sanity for six. They would seem old, ugly and slow. I believe Fallout and Baldur's Gate really evolved RPGs (in their respective settings), but that in turn they were not evolved, shrug.

So... what I'm saying is, the new RPGs might have better graphics, but mechanically they are much less advanced, whereas Baldur's Gate is _in every way_ more advanced than, say, Champions of Krynn. That might be why your attempted replay of that game failed in character creation...

Yet, you could replay Baldur's Gate easily, even after Neverwinter Nights 2, yes? I certainly could (and did), and that gaping gap = one decade in game development.
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