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Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
And no, I'm no programmer, so I'm unable to realise my own vision. I await the inevitable full emergence of indie, and the elimination of greedy publishers.
While I would love that, it just seems to me like an impossibility. The barrier to entry to 'modern' 3D development is significantly higher than doing a bit of 6502 on the C64. There's not much money to be made so the indie developers find it tough to sustain themselves whilst working full time.

However, it's like music. Chart music to me is shit these days, but I know there's tons and tons of indie/underground stuff to listen to but it just so happens that it's not the mainstream. It's the same with games-- There are plenty of great indie games, but unfortunately they're not going to be on the shelves of your local game store, nor on the front page of '', however they are still about.

One thing I do believe is that modern games are no better than old games, but I don't think they're considerably worse either.

Half Life 2, for me, was a truly awesome game, but then so was Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix, Creatures 2 on the C64 and even Space Invaders at the arcade.

Which brings me to another point-- I think good modern games are fewer and further between, but surely that is to be expected when average development times are 18-24 months and budgets stretch well into the millions? Good games definitely came thicker and faster in the 'olden days', but surely you'll agree than turnaround was much quicker when you only had about 80,000 pixels and 1MB of RAM to worry about?

You could argue till you're blue in the face that 3D isn't necessary, or that modern games are overkill, but as long as that is what the majority want (which unfortunately I think is true), then that's what they'll try to feed you

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