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P-J wrote:

My post wasn't meant to be offensive, especially not the 'dickhead part' I was just pointing out what I've observed from being on this board for some six years now. People just seem to lean towards playing old games because it reminds them of better times. A lot like the way some people like a certain song because it reminds them of a period in their life, you know?
No offense taken. I just felt the need to explain my perspective more, that's all.

Also, I play the old games not so much because they remind me of better times, but simply because they are better games. The problem is that even highly nuanced games can only take so much playthrough grind before even they collapse. Then you seek the game that builds on that concept and instead of evolution, you find degeneration. Hence, my anger/cynicism at gaming industry...

And no, I'm no programmer, so I'm unable to realise my own vision. I await the inevitable full emergence of indie, and the elimination of greedy publishers.
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