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P-J wrote:

I think you're missing out personally, but it's your call. Also, to most people in this thread, it's your youth that you're missing, not the Amiga. It just happens to be one of your fondest memories.

I have a 12 year old nephew who basically shit his pants with excitement when Gears Of War was released on the 360, he'd been following it for ages. Just because you're not young anymore, don't presume that games aren't as good or 'the youth of today don't appreciate real games'.

Otherwise you just become like the old 'dickheads' that you used to hate when YOU were young.
OK, I'm gonna pretend this post was leveled directly at me in order to satiate my desire for typing total trash!

Firstly, everyone "misses their youth", but as I made clear in my previous post, the last decent PC game I played was Fallout (one decade ago). Now since I am 30, that means I was 20 when I experienced that game. Younger, yes, but not a youth.

Ergo, I miss not my youth _here_, but something else...

Secondly my gaming experiences were never Amiga-centric. I gamed on various platforms. As I said in another thread, as a gamer I always went where the great games were. So before the advent of Amiga I was gaming on 8-bit microcomputers/consoles/arcades, during the advent of Amiga I was gaming on 8/16-bit microcomputers/consoles/arcades, and after the advent of Amiga I was gaming on PCs/consoles/arcades.

Ergo, I miss not the Amiga _here_, but (again) something else...

What is it that I'm missing? Well, certainly a vast array of things, but let us not get personal! What I miss are games which gripped me like a vice and would not release me. Aside from the old late-80s/early-90s games, I can think of _only_ late-90s games that expanded my consciousness/blew my hair back, like a Deus Ex or a Fallout. Both are full to the brim and even overflowing with nuance. The mechanics are complex (primary thing for me, being a D&D geek), the art assets exude flair, the plots are intriguing, and the gameplay addictive. In short, they are cult-level masterpieces.

I have played many recent games on these so-called "next-gen" platforms, and I can state unequivocally that, APART FROM A HANDFUL (I can elaborate if you wish), there is nothing that approaches the experience of a Fallout. In my previous post I mentioned mainly only the eyecandy is emphasised/evolved in these new games. This is the truth. Conceptually, they are also watered-down for a global mass (i.e., especially dialogue, due to cultural-/gender-based etc. sensitivities, general across-the-board lowering of education standards, blah blah). This is also the truth. As I am fond of saying, only a fool or a madmen could assert otherwise. (Or perhaps someone with vested interests in the next-gen gaming "developments"...)

Perhaps in the future (before I get _too_ old and cranky) we will see a resurgence of games of this calibre (probably through the indie movement). Then my anger and cynicism with regard to the industry will soften, and I won't be such an "old dickhead" (as P-J so eloquently put it) in the eyes of the next generation... until then, I'm primarily retro, not "stuck in the past", as I do keep an eagle eye on the latest developments, especially the indies and the modding scene.

(Please excuse my addition of another 0.02 cents.)
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