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I used to run the ECS version on my a600, it wasn`t THAT slow, infact it was pretty good, albiet i did have 2mb chip and 2 mb pcmcia fast at the time.

The A1200 was pretty good for me, i felt it better than the PSX version.. admittedly it had combat screen music, so i burnt that over to CD (using make CD i believe ... ) and had that music playing while i was ... playing and then when the mission was over i would just pause the cdrom ... problem solved!

its wierd how the OCS version had mission music... wierd indeed. my thinking (before i check HOL) is that the AGA game was first and the rest refined - improved (as much as finacially possible)

But i have to state though the PSX version kept crashing if you were asaulting level 3 of a mothership... so much so to beat the game on the PSX you had to save it to memory card near enough every turn!

so is there 4 versions of UFO ?

CD32 (no keyboard support)

hmmm does anyone have the mods / music tracks from the A500 version of UFO ?
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