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What I want to know is what's the deal with the US version of UFO (X-Com: UFO Defense). Its MIA in the HOL:

Does it exist or doesn't it? If not then why is it in the HOL?

The notes say:

Features bug fixes that prevented completion of European version.
If the game doesn't exist (which is likely as it doesn't appear on or on the SPS website) then where the hell did they get this information from? Its all seems a bit suspicious to me.

If it did exist surely it would have reared its ugly maggot infested head by now!

Another thing that confuses me is the AGA version comes on only four disks whereas the crappy A500 version with dull dull dull graphics comes on a mighty five disks. For fecks sake! Whats that about?

Shit! My bloody head hurts now with all this UFO paranoia. Someone PLEASE answer these questions cos the've been bugging me for literally minutes now.
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