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okay okay..... i am back after adding 512kb ram to my 500 mobo.... so yes... i improved a gaming system *(while)* voting....

hmmm this is a difficult vote PJ..... theres soooo many cool things.... but ... its soooo difficult......

80s would have to be specky / c64 but wich..... i had both.... luckly i managed to avoid school yard arguments by blagging specky AND c64 games

and the 90's..... sheesh..... okay...

Commodore 64

Playstation (later to be known as playstation 1)

in the process of this vote I have managed to
  • updated a circuit schematic
  • upgraded my 500 to accept 1MB of chip ram native on the mobo
  • Set dinner up including Roast Chicken with mash / veg
  • wrote this *small* essay about it..

oh its all good

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