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Ya' like it Retr0?
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for me during the 80's it was

Spectrum and C64

for late 80's 90's it would C64 / Atari ST / Amiga 500

for 90's + it was

Amiga 1200 / Megadrive / Snes / PSX

late 90's (it was only here that PC's were worth something to own.. for me)

Amiga / PSX / PC

and then you get to today.... and i have in the front room (as i look over my laptop ) THE entertainment center with....

Sega Dreamcast
Sony PSone
Sony PS2
Custom build: SFF Chassis for DOS Box / Win98 Games
  • 1.4Ghz DDR AMD (Factory unlocked) CPU
  • 512MB PC133 Memory
  • 1st Edition Radeon TIVO 64M
  • 40GB IDE 20GB 10k Cheata 3.5ns SCSI Boot!
Custom Build Media PC
  • AMD 2400XP CPU
  • 1GB DDR
  • 128MB Radeon 9800
  • 300GB HD
  • Enlight Media Chassis
all of that nicely displayed with a 720p 1080i (max 1280x1024 SVGA) 42" Hitachi Plasma

I did have my a600+ in there But it off for more upgrades at the moment
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