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I played the PC version of Slam Tilt... it's nice, but not really great, don't know how to compare with the Amiga version..

so, talking about Amiga pinball games... I have to say Pinball Dreams is my fav, even although Fantasies is more "advanced", I think the tables on dreams are better. Ignition was average, and the other 3 tables were top-notch. In fantasies, only the Cross & Bones and Partyland were nice IMO, so , I'll stick with fantasies...

Before Dreams on amiga, there was a GREAT pinball game for MSX called Roller-Ball, but you guys probably never heard about it :-)

On PC there's 2 FANTASTIC Pinball games, one called Balls of Steel, it has 5 tables, and if you like the Digitall Illusions game, you'll probably like this one, as they are very similar (but BoS is MUCH, MUCH more advanced, with 5 balls multiball, video-mode and other nice stuff like that)

and there's my favourite pinball game ever, Addiction Pinball from Team17 ... Although this one has only 2 tables (Worms and World Rally Fever), it's just great, both tables has LOTS of features, the pyshicis are simple PERFECT, and the graphics look REAL.... the only thing missing is that I can't REALLY hit the table to tilt the ball (Press space to nudge the table will never feel the same way )
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