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Ahhh met some nice people on BBSs back in the day, had a nice 400 phonebill for a quarter once That didn't go down too well with the folks at home. No one could get through either as I hogged the line

Never played any games though on them, usually just file transfers/chatting

Like you say the Internet was hardly anything - a few pages stuck together... look at it now though

Hmm would be cool to have the old acsii based BBSs back
Gawd thinking about it I remember a couple I visitied....

Bredbury BBS < that site had a novell hack which I eventually used at college for testing wasn't such a good idea as it broke their servers! oops I almost got kicked out for that...

A few other manchester BBSs.... can't remember the names though...

Then I started to use Compuserve on my 1200 although that was really really carp. EVentually ditched the 1200 and bought a PC as surfing the net with a 1200 wasn't my idea of fun tbh. I do still miss BBS's though, they were different and had their own personality to them...

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