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Hungry Horace wrote:

sorry to sound rude, but in that case you are choosing ignorance... its as much of an Amiga as any other, and quite a useful one at that.
You need not apologise to me, Hungry Horace. The CD32 was nothing but an unsuccessful attempt by Commmodore to leech off a successful console market (just like the Atari Jaguar, lol.)

They attempted to replicate what SNES and Megadrive/Genesis achieved, and failed miserably. One year after the CD32 was released, Sega and Sony showed how to market a "CD console" (with the Saturn and Playstation, respectively).

Atari and Commodore essentially died because of that, at least games-wise.

But since you think the CD32 had a use, what do you mean by "use" exactly? You mean "use", as in "CDTV use"? lol.
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