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I have to say my favourite jostick is one that I never knew the name neither who produced it...
My dad just brought my ney Miggy to my house, it was a saturday 23th Dec evening, and of course, got a few pirated games with it , and I was crazy to play it..but, I had NO joystick to play the games (My MSX joystick was with a friend of mine...who just went in a xmas vacation....and left MY JOYSTICK IN HIS HOUSE!), so I could only play mouse games. Here in Brazil, in saturday most stores close at 2 PM, and was exactly 2 PM..

I rushed like hell, and most stores close here were already closed... then I found an electronics store open, and just gave it a try, asked for an Atari 2600 joystick...
The nice old lady there showed me one of those crap Atari2600 joysticks clones.. it was tight, the quality was crap, and it just looked like it was going to break in 3 days... but you know, I was excited and all, and I was going to buy this one... even if I had to buy another joystick in monday..

but then, I just looked to my side, and in the shopwindow, behind a box of something, it was there....shining and just waiting to be picked up by me... black, with yellow buttons, a pleasure to play, and the usual auto-button. Then I asked the old lady "what about that one?" she said "Oh, that's a Master System Joystick, it's no use for you" (Poor lady, she obviously didn't know a lot about joysticks), and I said "no, it's fine for me, it's even better" (2-button joystick)... she insisted "No! That's a Master System joystick, you need an Atari one!"..... damn, just GIVE ME THE JOYSTICK! .. after some talking, she was convinced to sell me the was the ONLY one, and with NO box.. she said "Well, as this has no box, and it will not work for you, I will give you a 50% off the price" ... poor old lady, I felt bad for her for about 0.2 seconds, then just rushed home to play R-Type 2

I like the Quickshot python too... I had this one for the MSX, below it had a small switch, to change between "MSX - Master System/Amiga mode) was the joystick that my friend just forgot to gave me back :-) Actually, after I got the other joystick, the Python was rarely used...

I never liked Joypads that much, the best for me is the Mega-drive 6 buttons joypad... and I agree with everything that Akira said about it

I also like the PS dual shock joystick, just because of those nice analog sticks. Some games REALLY need an alogic joystick to play, and sometimes even 2, and that's what the dual shock gives to you. And you still have 4 buttons to use, the ones in the top of the pad . Makers of PC analogic Joystick should learn that small sticks are much more acurate and better than those BIG pc sticks
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