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Sonic ZX
A small demo was released years ago, this was supposed to be the preview of SEGA's excellent multiplatform game SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Since then, many spectrum users are still waiting for the 8bit version of Sonic. The scope is to setup a programming team in order to build up a shareware version of SONIC the Hedgehog on ZX Spectrum platform.
I have already start working on the graphics and I think that the images are talking by themselves. With the use of eight direction scrolling routine(both pixel data & attributes), I ve tried to create a two scrolling level demo. It worked out quite fast when there was 8 pixels per frame. Of course it is out of the question to keep the game with multiscrolling of the 16bit versions.
The most important in a game like Sonic is the gameplay. It won't matter any Speccy user if the game will be monochrome, we are all used to this idea. But what will all users will expect will be a acceptable level on smooth scrolling accompanied by fast gameplay.

A number of people have already contact me since the announcement of the project on the web.Many of them wanted to contribute in many ways, others were looking forward to get a copy of a demo or a prerelease of the game in their hands.

The only person that has realy contributed on the project is Andrew Owen. A big thanks to him for organising and keeping up working with the project nomatter how busy he has been for the last years.
The project is still running and hopefully it will be finished. The images on the right column are graphics samples of the game. Available up to date source code and music code can be supplied to anyone who is interested in contributing.
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