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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I read this surprisingly only in forums. But every time i've asked my friends to use the joypad to play Amiga games with/against me they say: "NO!! Give me the stick!!".

the result of the poll still says that you and your friends are not the judge of us all!

as i said, just because i prefer one and you (and your mates) prefer the other, doesnt make either party wrong, its just what the individual feels comfortable with.

For example, all of my friends prefer a real PS2 pad to any real controller i offer them on a genuine amiga, whilst i still favour the cd32 comp pro in most scenarios. (SWOS, perhaps now i warm to PS2 analogue myself, but since that has to be done on emualtion, isnt generally my preference unless i am playing an online game)

to make the assumption that "i have this opinion, therefore I must be right, anyone who likes something else is wrong" is something i'll leave for Ironclaw, as its not my style. Each to their own i say, just dont tell me i should think something is wrong/bad just becasue you dont like it.... i wouldnt judge you for prefering something different, and it would be nice to have the same response in return!
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