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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Play Sensible Soccer (Amiga, not Mega Drive) with a pad, then you know that you need a good stick. Games without a jump-button aren't enjoyable too with a pad
not true that you "need" a joystick at all. I used to love playing it with my Zipstick, but i have come to the conclusion now that SWOS is just as great on a CD32 Competiton Pro pad, and the thing doesnt break after a few hours play either like SWOS used to do to all my joysticks

Platformers which use "up" to jump (the way i prefer it, and the way most amiga platformers are) are also fine. Hell, i used my cd32 comp pro on my a500 when i last completed it, so it cant be that un-enjoyable!

SWOS is also great on a PS2 pad analogue stick, if you are emulation-inclined. Trust me on this

one thing where a pad is a TRUE neccessity (and not just a matter of personal preference as it is in these other cases) is with the Pinball games!

i think i'd find Pinball Fantasies pretty hard with a joystick... but joking aside, i am quite fussy about Pinball controls anyway, as i dont like using shoulder buttons for flippers either, (it has to be the fantasies/illusions/kirbys pinball land layout for me) and i find the keyboard annoying and clunky, meaning that i can never enjoy pinball dreams or slamtilt.
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