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Originally posted by Overdoc
That brown breadbox C64 with white keys is from Germany, right ?
It is also called 'Aldi C64' because it was (only ? ) sold by a German supermarket called 'Aldi'.
Nope it isn't, thats why it iis so rare This is one of the argentinian C64 computers, made by Drean (Drean Commodore)... and it looks like an Aldi but it really isnt.. doesnt even have a BN/E mobo.. will post pics later... they also made C64s, C64Cs (none with a new mobo, all with the old mobo and SID), and C128s (these are VERY very rare...)... Besides they are all NTSC/PAl hybrids (PAL-N crystal with NTSC VIC, it's a MESS!)

Burseg, the Nomads aint that rare, I nabbed mine from a pawnshop in the US for 30 bucks... you shoudl search ebay... Its a nice machine
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