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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
Let's have a look at the list of platforms Sonic the Hedgehog has been released on so far:

Mega Drive/Genesis
Master System
Game Gear
Mega CD
Mobile Phone
Saturn (as part of Sonic Jam)
Dreamcast (as part of Sega Smash Pack)
X-Box 360
PlayStation 2 (as part of Sonic Mega Collection and Sega Genesis Collection)
Virtual Console
Game Boy Advance
Xbox Live Arcade
Playstation Portable (as part of Sega Genesis Collection)
Nintendo DS

To be fair, 70% of the platforms specified here are from after Sega went software-only, and the rest were pure Sega consoles. Sonic never existed outside of Sega hardware until they went software only and that was long after the Amiga ceased to be a commercial platform.
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