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Catweasel Update

Well after configuring and testing away, I've found the best config, well the best for me anyway for the Catweasel board and using PC drives.

I also purchased the Kylwalda boot adapter board along with the Catweasel in hopes that I could use it as a replacement to my standard Amiga 880k drives. Well yes and no, let me explain.

1) It does work but has some issues with some trackloader software. The manufacturer claims it should work with any copy protected disk. Well it didn't work with all of them

2) It seems to check the floppy drive a lot more often then Amiga DOS does in not only the click but when trying to eject the disk, it sometimes wants you to stick the floppy disk back in the drive because of validation issues. Perhaps this is because I'm not using brand new drives and used older ones I have lying about.

Well anyways, I've found that the best is to have the Catweasel drives configured separately from my internal Amiga floppys, this works best for me. It also gives me an excuse to tower the Amiga as well. I've got a couple of Full Tower cases and one of them should work just fine

Well, back to making some images of my C64 disks, I'm using Tracksaver GUI to do this and it seems to be working, however I'm gonna check out a few more things about the .d64 format and see if I'm doing it correctly or not.
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