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Yeah, Dyna Blaster IS Bomberman, made by the same company, but they just had to change the name for the European audience or something. And the Amiga got an awesome Amiga-only Bomberman style game called Blitz Bombers, which is one of the best multiplayer games on the Amiga.

On another note, I think a lot of people wished at the time that Sonic had been ported to the Amiga like Sega promised. It would be easily possible on ay AGA Amiga, and probably even the A500 with some good programming and colour reduction. Let's have a look at the list of platforms Sonic the Hedgehog has been released on so far:

Mega Drive/Genesis
Master System
Game Gear
Mega CD
Mobile Phone
Saturn (as part of Sonic Jam)
Dreamcast (as part of Sega Smash Pack)
X-Box 360
PlayStation 2 (as part of Sonic Mega Collection and Sega Genesis Collection)
Virtual Console
Game Boy Advance
Xbox Live Arcade
Playstation Portable (as part of Sega Genesis Collection)
Nintendo DS


So, where the hell is the Amiga version? Sure, there are better games than Sonic (although not many) that could be converted to run on the Amiga. There are heaps of "Retro Remakes" out there these days for the PC, where people are ripping graphics from console and arcade games and rewriting the games for modern PCs, usually with enhancements. Do ay of these guys ever get in trouble for this? If not, it's not hard to rip graphics from console and arcade games these days, the only thing you'd need is a good coder and someone to do the music (or just stick the original music on CD).
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