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Originally Posted by mailman View Post
You can. Probably it is not possible in CD32 version but in AGA and ECS version you can.
I know, noticed that and posted a few posts up . But it's strange that the CD32 version, which should be the best one, CAN'T.

Originally Posted by mailman View Post
Worse in what way? You cannot fight the aliens or you just simply have less colours? If it is the latter, then I would agree if it judges whever something is worse or better.
Worse in the ways that it has less music, less colors, less animations... especially the less music part .

Originally Posted by mailman View Post
Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that original PC version didn't have catchy tunes on the globe section. At least I read reviews which authors were saying that Amiga music in the game is far better than in PC.
The PC version has tunes everywhere.. in every part of the game... the Amiga version doesn't....

Can somenoe link me to a decent mus player so I can listen to the mus files on the disks to see if I can hear the "hunting for aliens on the ground" tune?.... had a mus format player for my miggy once....
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