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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
Just started playing UFO: Enemy Unknown.... bah.. the Amiga version has no music when you move around your troops on the ground in search for aliens.. sooo boring....
But it is still playable as hell I press play on my CD and listen to whatever tune I like. Here is the advantage!

the amiga version has very little animations.....
So what? I am not expecting from strategy which runs on ECS chipset and was produced in 1993 to be fully "equipped" in useless data which probably all nowadays have and they suck.

in the amiga version you can't name your bases....
You can. Probably it is not possible in CD32 version but in AGA and ECS version you can.

the amiga version has way fewer colors than the pc version in the earth globe part... etc etc..
Are you sure about this? Even if you are, who cares? The game still rocks!

Feck!... I'm playing the CD32 version and it's sooo much worse than the PC version....
Worse in what way? You cannot fight the aliens or you just simply have less colours? If it is the latter, then I would agree if it judges whever something is worse or better.

didn't think it was..... at least the amiga version could have all the tunes.. but nooooo.
Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that original PC version didn't have catchy tunes on the globe section. At least I read reviews which authors were saying that Amiga music in the game is far better than in PC.
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