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Review: Catweasel MkII Zorro Card Version Part One

Okay, here is part one of my review of the Catweasel Floppy Controller card by J. Schoenfield/Individual Computers. Check out the site at:

I ordered the ZorroII version of the board so I could use it in my 4000. It's fits into a spare 100-pin Zorro slot and uses the plastic card guides to help keep in place as it's considered a 1/4 or 1/3 size card. It leaves the in-line ISA slot free for something else, that's if you need it for something

It installs easily enough and is a snug fit, it shouldn't move on you even if you move your machine around a lot.

I connected a spare dual/combo floppy drive, this is a combo 3.5" and 5.25" floppy in one 5.25" unit. I don't think the Catweasel supports this as it appears to see both drives as the same. The docs seem to indicate that it requires the cable twist to function properly where as these combo drives only use a straight data cable.

Since I'm not getting the drives to function properly I'm gonna sub out the combo drive and connect only a 3.5" and see what happens.

Part 2 will come up later in the day as I play around with this some more.

EDIT: To clarify some things about this card, this version of the Catweasel is the Zorro version, it's a combo card. It includes the Catweasel Floppy Controller along with their Bhudda IDE controller on one card! It also comes with 3 IDE ports so you can connect up to 6 IDE devices, this includes HD's, CD-ROM drives and other ATAPI devices like the LS-120 IDE Floppy Drive, the 100 and 250 MB ATAPI Iomega Zip drives and just about anything that supports the ATAPI interface.

Also note that I dis-connected the combo floppy drive and have successfully connected separate 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drives. They do work just fine

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