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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
AWESOME!!!! I have some floppy util boot disks, but nothing as polished as this!!! I am sure this will help many ppl out.

btw, is it possible to somehow verify that the file transferred is the same as the original? Like a checksum checker or something.

Are your instructions here included on the disk?
There're not on on the disk yet. I'm using proff (an ancient type setting package in the style of nroff) to make the docs look good and save time but I can't really say when they'll be ready.

Since V1.4.3 TransWarp is able to calculate CRC-32 of Amiga disks in both directions.
This checksum can be used to confirm the identity of ADF files and that serial transmission
is working properly on your setup. There are many tools to calculate CRC-32 of files and I
would like to recommend GetCRC from Dirk Stoecker on Amiga.
Why not check GetCRC? It can genate different kinds of checksums and even works with kick1.3. The only drawback is that it loads the whole file into memory.
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